Tailored, targeted advice


With our dual focus and expertise in EU and African affairs, Meridia is well positioned to anticipate strategic trends and respond in a timely manner to relevant legislative or regulatory proposals.


We advise our clients on the european dimension of a wide range of african topics. Our insight into bilateral ties is unique - making us unrivalled on the Brussels advocacy and media scene.



EU-Africa matters. Brussels insiders.


Meridia represents the next phase in EU-Africa public affairs. We combine the experience of senior practitioners with deep insight into both the African market and the European institutions - while offering our clients the best of each: political mindset, corporate public affairs and issue management.






Meridia is an independent advocacy and strategic communications firm specializing in EU-Africa relations.


We help African organisations engage effectively with the European institutions.


We develop and implement campaigns on high stake, high profile and complex issues on the EU agenda impacting public and private organisations from Africa.




We support African organisations to assess the impact of EU policies and define their advocacy needs. 

Meridia Partners | EU-Africa public affairs | 227 rue de la Loi, 1000 Bruxelles                                                           © 2013 Meridia Partners. All rights reserved.

Meridia Partners | Eu-Africa public affairs | 227 rue de la Loi, 1000 Bruxelles                                                  © 2013 Meridia Partners. All rights reserved.